Funny and Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Sock Monkey Baby Bunting Halloween Costume

This is not just a monkey costume for your little monkey, it's an adorable sock monkey bunting bag with a classic sock monkey beanie hat that has the signature red heel mouth. Stop monkeying around and check this out.

Classic Sock Monkey

Sushi Baby Halloween Costume

Show off your little one's adorable baby rolls in this cute 2 piece sushi costume. It comes with an adorable sushi beret adorned with a piece of sushi and chopsticks.

Miso Cute Sushi Baby

Baby Shark Baby Halloween Costume

Put this costume on your little one and you will never get that song out of your head. You can even record the next YouTube video that might go viral.

Baby Shark Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo

Infant Pope Costume

This Halloween will be a holy one with your tiny little angel dressed like the pope. This costume includes everything he needs to be mistaken for the Vatican leader: hat, dress, capelet and belt.

Pint Sized Pope

Silly Buff Strongman Baby Halloween Costume

Show off your baby's super strength in this silly strongman costume complete with plush weight. Perfect for him to really exhibit amazing feats of baby strength.

Buff Baby

Little Red Lobster Sea Creature Baby Costume

Whether you're planning on dressing your little one up as the Red Lobster mascot or Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, or just carrying him around in a big pot, he will look adorable in this costume.

Lil' Red Lobster in a Pot

Infant Whoopie Cushion Bunting Costume

This is the perfect costume if you already have a tiny jokester on your hands. Dress them in this hilarious bunting costume that looks like a whoopie cushion. Let's just hope another prankster doesn't sit on his face.

Peewee Prankster

Hot Dog Baby Bunting Halloween Costume

Take me out to the ball game. Take me out with the crowd...Now your little one can be one of kids' all time favorite foods.

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog

Handmade Knitted Newborn Baby Turtle Costume

Your newborn can get into the Halloween spirit in this cozy knitted crochet turtle beanie and shell. This adorable ensemble with beanie and turtle shell will keep them warm as they stroll in your arms on display in exchange for sweet treats.

Sweet Little Turtle