Parents Who Totally Have the Humor Thing Down

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Being a parent is a truly awesome gift. Often it can be hard, emotionally taxing, a true test of patience, and sometimes just completely overwhelming. Just when you're on the verge of breaking, remember that sometimes you need to laugh just so you don't cry. Looking around, it's clear that many mom's and dad's have embraced the humor of parenting. We've rounded up these top ten parents who have resorted to LOL instead of have a good cry.

These parents figured out the best way to tell their quadruplets apart

Thing 1 through 4
Thing 3 would like to clarify that even though he sports the number 3 hairdo, it does not mean that he's inferior to Thing 2 or Thing 1, nor superior to Thing 4.

This mom is experiencing The Food Fight with her toddler

This dad would never take out his frustration physically on his kids

Image Source: Brian Gordon

This mom missed the internet slang class on how to decode what your teen is saying

'This mom has figured out how to take her baby into the public bathroom with her

baby carrier with hooks
What do you mean, "Hang on, you're almost done"? I'm literally hanging on!

These parents are serious about making sure that you know they precious cargo

This dad found a way to finally get his baby to take a bottle from him

This handy dad made an adorable custom shark bassinet for his son

baby shark baby bassinet
What do you mean he's having a hard time sleeping in his new bassinet?

This dad was babysitting for the afternoon

bumbo on wheels towed RC car
Faster, daddy, faster!

This mom came up with brilliant way to get her kids to do daily chores

For more daily parenting humor, check out our parent picks for over-the-top hilarious baby and children's products. A daily dose of humor is good for your blood pressure.

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