Ridiculous Parenting Products

Because wearing shoes before babies can walk is already silly, and high heels can be tricky to walk in, these seem really unnecessary. Though if you're looking to dress your little fashionista for a baby photo shoot they could be fun.

Peewee Pumps

Who ever said that baby's don't come with owners manuals? Haynes Explains Babies makes newborn care a snap. With flow charts and fault diagnosis for all stages of baby ownership, this manual will help every parent keep things running smoothly.

Owner's Manual for Babies

For the tech-loving tot, here's an iPotty, a convenient way to play on the iPad and potty train at the same time! We're thinking toddlers can wait to multitask for a few years more at least.

Digital Potty Chair

It'll be Happy Hour at all hours of the day for your baby with this lager inspired baby bottle. Designed to look like a pint sized version of a frosty brew, the bottle is made from BPA Free plastic with a food grade silicone nipple.

Beer Baby Bottle

Ensure your baby is healthy and gaining weight with this high tech changing pad that has a built-in wireless smart scale. There's an app that lets you track weight as well as recording growth and logging diaper changes. You need an app for that?

Smart Baby Changing Pad

Babies cry. A lot. What could it be? This high tech little gadget boasts it can tell you why baby is crying. Might be more attractive to parents of teens, since the reasons are categorized as bored, stressed, hungry, or annoyed.

High Tech Baby Cry Analyzer

Barefoot sandals are pretty over-the-top for wearers of any age. But what good is it to give babies decorated pieces of string to wrap around their tiny toes?

Barefoot Baby Sandals

Who has time to clean the floors when you're chasing a crawling baby around the house? Well, baby does if he is wearing a baby mop. Is it taking fair advantage of an opportunity? Yes. Is it creating a germ magnet for baby to wear? Also, yes.

Baby Helper Onesie

For the fairytale nursery, this Cinderella inspired crib will whisk away your little one off to dreamland. Be certain your little one will have whimsical sweet dreams in this hand forged iron crib.

Pumpkin Carriage Crib

Brands like Bvlgari and Jo Malone have jumped on the baby perfume bandwagon. A perfume for baby, because even infants need scents for every mood and occasion.

Eau de Fresh Baby Perfume

Yes, public bathrooms can be a scary place for germaphobes, but we find it even less appealing to have our children pee on our hands while they try to aim into a bottle. Seems like a portable potty is less risky in the germ department.

Handheld Travel Urinal

Dad will be ready to report for doodie with this roomy diaper bag. It's rugged water repellant design has lots of storage complete with a MOLLE bottle holder on one side and a dump pouch on the other. It even comes with a changing pad with a bullseye.

Military Grade Diaper Bag

With it's pure rose gold and diamonds, it definitely is the world's most expensive pacifier. It's royal design even includes a chain so you can wear it like a necklace.

Pink Gold and Diamond Pacifier

Create a dreamy modern nursery with this adorable moon shaped cradle. Every baby that snoozes in this magical bassinet is sure to have night after night of good sleep.

Moon Shaped Bassinet

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